Our Classrooms

Infant (6 Weeks)

Children will participate in activities that will develop their fine and gross motors skills. Our center also provides music, language, art cognitive, social and sensory experiences.

12- 18 Months

We provide an enthusiasm learning environment through play. Our curriculum is intended to build school readiness skills.

Two Years

We provide children with age appropriate activities, with monthly themes kids enjoy through crafts, songs and daily activities focused on numbers, letters science and math. 

Three Years

 Our three and four-year old’s are part of the Texas School Readiness Program. The curriculum is Scholastic Big Day for Pre-K, teaches your child the skills necessary for Kindergarten. Each day is organized around three Big Experiences—Whole-Group, Circle Time, and Story Time lessons—that provide an anchor for conversation, play, and learning. Carefully selected activities ground the entire class in a common Big Experience 

Pre-K Texs School Ready

 Our Fun Shine Express and Buttercups Curriculum is for children ages 0 to 36 months. The curriculum is based on current research and sound educational theories of early childhood learning and development. Our activities are designed to promote strong relationships between children and the adult who care for them.  The children will work on hands on activities, the interactive material will allow the children and the care  to experiment and explore their surroundings. The interactive activity kits encourage and guide the development of large and fine motor skills, as well as introducing music, language, art, cognitive, and other social/emotional experiences. Our program encourages involvement and participation of family members in each child’s learning.   

Summer Program

Field trips, water parks, arts and crafts that keep your children entertained all summer.